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I'm currently experimenting with a PIC processor. The term microcontroller is actually better, but you know what I mean. It all started when reading about the bitx20 kit. This transceiver has no frequency readout and if you look around you'll notice that everyone is using a PIC or an AVR to build a frequency counter with LCD readout. I knew little about PICs, nothing about AVRs. Not that I dislike AVRs but PIC feels better to me personally. (more…)
After reading this site : I modified my Icom IC725 with a similar capacitor. It worked more or less. Switching to the CW-N mode on my trx and decoding with Dream I could listen to some DRM radiostations. At that time the only antenne I could use was a magnetic loop, mounted near the window. Not the setup that everyone dreams of 🙂 (more…)