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A friend of me asked if I could detect some WSPR signals on 20m. He has been monitoring it a while without any activity.
I also read the comments of G4ILO on the site :
I must admit that I was also stuck on 30m.
He made a statement and yesterday I had a day off. A whole day of listening later this is what passed my screen :

Timestamp        Call   MHz       SNR Drift Grid   Pwr Reporter RGrid  km    az
2009-01-21 10:48 EA1FAQ 14.097137 -24  0    IN71op 0.5 ON3JT    JO21fe 1274   30
2009-01-21 09:58 VK6BN  14.097091 -23 -1    OF88ac 10  ON3JT    JO21fe 14167 313

Not much.

Hey guys, if you want that propagation monitoring works, we need to activite all bands.

On several sites you’ll find some html code showing the Aurora status, European and North American Eskip status. These images are created by the DX robot, maintained and ran by Allard Munters PE1NWL.  You know what I mean if you can see it :

The DXrobot

The DXrobot