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Lot’s of snow this morning. And I have a day off, lucky me 🙂

Let the pictures speak for themselves :


Having built two monoband SDR kits, it was time for something new. The Softrock Lite II receiver kits are working fine, but I wanted something that covers more. The two monoband kits are made for 30m and 40m.With my soundcard that samples at 96 kHz I can see/hear the whole 30m band, on 40m however I can only receive the lower part of the band.

My top 5 of my best dx using wspr. On 20m the antenna is a half wave vertical. On 80/40 and 30m I used the Diamond W735 with an extra dipole for 30m. This antenna hangs just 2 meter above the lawn.


Finally upgraded my blog. Despite my presumption I did the upgrade with the automatic option of WordPress itself. And it failed miserably…..
I had no blog anymore and a 500 server error when I tried to access the admin pages. Uploaded some of the old files in an attempt to regain control. No progress..

Cleaned everything on the server and started all over with a manual install. Got it working this time.

Now updating all plugins and uploaded documents like pictures en pdf files….