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I finally bought a networkdrive to be used in my home network. My wife was complaining that all pictures were on the pc downstairs (my shackcomputer) and she want to see them also on the pc in the living room. Time to share the data. But I needed a NAS style disk, not just some usb drive.  (more…)
I came acros the site of IK0VVE with a wonderfull description of a MEPT. MEPT stands for Manned Experimental Propagation Transmitter and is usually very low power. He uses a crystal oscilator but I find them pretty expensive. So I Looked around the net for programmable oscillators. Those are even more expensive and in the most cases you need a microcontroller to programm them. The oscillators uses I²C for setting the frequency by setting the divider and table lookups, ..... (more…)
On several sites you'll find some html code showing the Aurora status, European and North American Eskip status. These images are created by the DX robot, maintained and ran by Allard Munters PE1NWL.  You know what I mean if you can see it :
The DXrobot

The DXrobot