Today, I saw Daniel LU3DXI calling cq in PSK125. PSK125 is faster than PSK31, so you have to speed up yourself to read and write the qso 🙂
LU3DXI LU3Ds nN3JT My fHing Ur RST is 599, 599By age 51 year My QTH is CARAPACHAY CARAPACHAY Ubicated into a 15 Km away of the North of Buenos Aires ARGENTINA My Grid locator GF05RL [228.6° 11,349.3km] GF05IA [228.9° 11,430.4km] BUREAU I PREFER .No e-QSL please Date QRZ.COM OK HW Copy ? DR OM ON3JT to LU3DXI Pse KN
The distance is a personal record at the moment : 11349 km (the locator is GF05RL, not GF05IA probably some QSB). QSL card is heading Argentina.

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