Just received the full tranmission of the Swedish VLF transmitter SAQ on 17,2 kHz. The setup this time was my home computer with a soundcard. The antenna was a ZS6BKW connected to the soundcard. A software receiver was used : Speclab from DL4YHF and the audio was transferred with a Virtual Audio cable to FLdigi. I think that FLdigi decoded about 20% correct, but never mind, it was the challenge that counts. See what I can do this afternoon.... Decoded text : *E VÉE** SAE 5AQEI*V*VVV*V5 LE SAQ HA* *Q ** *VVEVVV *E SAQ 5A* HAD E E *H V 4V4 VV*BE SAQ ** SAQ E *S ** *SE 4VV * HU*SAQ SAQ *V4 *V VVVEDS SAQ H5* SA* **V VVV*VVEDE SAQ SAQ SAQ I *VV VVEVVV LE *JQ SAQ SVV4 4V4 *V DE SIQ HAMT SAQI HE*S 4VV IEEVV *V*DE 5AQ *Q HAÅ I VVV 4VH VVV DE H* E*QE HAEC S V44EH VV VH DI*Q HA*ISAQ *V V 4S *V DE SA* S* *Q * V* V4VEVV 5 DI SAQ 5AQ *Q VV4E*V4 V* DE SU* * 5AQ * *UVV VVV V* DE H Q SAQE SA_ E*VV V4V SA ES BE *SN** SAQ I*SVV V4V VVV DE SAQ H* SAQ E*VV VVE4VV DE SA* SAQ SAQ E** V4 U VVEDE SAQ ESAQ HAQ E*VV V* VVV DE SA* HA* S SE*** HS U E E*D* I * ES S SE V * V EHE5EH E*E* VV STVV * E SI Q HAQ SAQ E E *VV 4* VVV DE SUQ 5AT T SAQ E*VVHT HIS ** 5S* UI ÅQ S A*E * E *V4 VVV V DE ES EEE 5H* SU MV**VV *V*E SAQ SAQ ** *VVEVVSE *VVEDE SAQ SAQ SAQ * 4V V VVV DE SRQ 5AQ I 5E *VV 5VV VVV DE HA Q SAQ S* **V *V VVV BE SAQ HAQE SA®E S *I*VV VVVEVEAV DE *Q SAQ SAQ S*VVEHF VVV LE I TQ HAQ SAQ I*VV V UE*VV LE HA* HAQ SAQ 5T* 4V* VVV DE HAQ HAQ SAQS *V5 VV4 V* 6E I*E *EI*EE Ä *4 VVV EUVV LE S*IS* HAQ * EI*VV V VV EVV4E DE SA7 *= EE I E* IS * NAI E* *TM I** 5* II ** IV E I * *IE****ES* * I***EI * *S***E* S*Q E* * * LE*A* SA* *- * *S S I EE II =*HIS E ISE *5SMET* SRUDIODSSAQ SN F T*NHGISSI HEEN URANSKSSSIOD E USINGIUHE E*EXANDERSON * ,0E E* *TERNFT*IE OF *7.2IHZI* ONE H*DLED *EAFS VPO *ITHE FIRST *OAST E *D* 5TATIN ENEEOD UHE *WEDIHHE ÜEHT HÇOA4 H, E G*5ENBURZ E FADIO * *H *PET É *ITS * WITH AHE E CALL EESIGN F* SII *Z * LLEER *ABI EII SAB EVNB FINALLY EHATI *I *AGE - *GNEDEE*EEVHE 4LEXAEE6R-GRIMETON IVETEFANRA*OS *4LNNER V*A*IATIONE ANB*ORLBE *ERITS7 E *R* OL *RE QSL EHNFO *LEASEEEAD JUR F EBSIT E * EÜWW*ALEXANDEL*N.SE EII *WW.ALI UANBERÄTN.SE * DE 5AQ 5* SS* .R= EAT 1200 UTC EI* *5I E** * *E ** E*I* * * E H*EEE * S* I I **E* I* *E*S **** * ES **S5* * ** ** SETT E *EEI5 EE** * EE ** **E** E E I*H5 I* ** I Here are some screencaptions : And here is an MP3 recording : http://on3jt.byze.be/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/SAQ_july3_2011_9_utc.mp3

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