Short description of my shack : Antennas - Diamond W735, hangs just 2m agl - Homemade end fed half wave vertical antenna for 20m - X200N for VHF/UHF at 11m agl Antennas not in use, to be build or not tested : - Homemade FD4 antenna - Homemade ZS6BKW - Diamond X50 Transceivers - Kenwood TM G707E fro VHF/UHF, most used as base station - Icom IC725, my HF transceiver - Wouxun KG1 UDVP handheld VHF/UHF - Bitx20, 20m ssb transceiver kit (to be completed) Receivers - Softrock Lite II receiver kit : built for 30m - Softrock Lite II receiver kit : built for 40m - ordered SoftRock RX Ensemble II Receiver Kit (HF SDR receiver) All from