It was a long weekend and the weather was fine. Sunny and warm. Time to test the 40m antenna.
Note for myself : build or buy an antenna analyzer. Try not to dismantle the whole shack for antenna testing again.

First thing I did at my parents is to solder all amp connections. Then assembled everything together and started searching (more…)

With my vertical antenna I can listen to 40 and 80 meters, but we all know that is not the best setup. I could transmit with it by using an antennatuner. Using a tuner near the transceiver with a coax fed too short antenna is not the solution. Losses are building up in the tuner and coax.


cobwebb-antennaFirst I tried to build a Cobwebb antenna. It is a small antenna and rather easy to build. I used cheap fishing rods, costing 4 to 5 euro each, from a known sports hardware shop. The funny thing was when I asked the sales person if the rods contain carbon fibers he mentioned that I’m not the first asking. He says = “Some people use them to make antennas…”. Big smile when I replied to do the same. Bought speakerwire and started cutting and soldering. Finally the first dipole was attached to the big cross. Added in total 4 dipoles when I wanted to test it. It was a small disapointment. Only 400 kHz usable bandwidth on 10m. The 12m and 17m were usable. But 15m also lacked the necessary bandwidth. That, the mechanical instability and difficulties (more…)

Like many amateurs I have more than one project that needs attention. Here’s a list what is keeping me busy :

  • Cantenna for 23cm
  • Short 40m inverted V dipole
  • BITX20 tranceiver kit
  • 23cm ATV biquad antenna
  • Antenna switch box 1×6
  • Pic programming for the BITX20
  • Make cables for a small LCD panel