Month: May 2008

BITX20 status

From left to right :

  1. The kit has just arrived.
  2. The PCB, nice and clean job.
  3. What I did in january.
  4. Where I stopped in march.


More to come.

Short 40m dipole antenna, part 2

It was a long weekend and the weather was fine. Sunny and warm. Time to test the 40m antenna.
Note for myself : build or buy an antenna analyzer. Try not to dismantle the whole shack for antenna testing again.

First thing I did at my parents is to solder all amp connections. Then assembled everything together and started searching Read more

Short 40m dipole antenna, part 1

With my vertical antenna I can listen to 40 and 80 meters, but we all know that is not the best setup. I could transmit with it by using an antennatuner. Using a tuner near the transceiver with a coax fed too short antenna is not the solution. Losses are building up in the tuner and coax.

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