Month: July 2011

VLF transmission of SAQ on 12:00 UTC on July 3th 2011

The second transmission today of the Grimeton base VLF transmitter SAQ was done with my normal HF transceiver. With the help of the Datong VLF converter and the home made ZS6BKW antenna the missiob was easy accomplished.
Okay the converter was a bit overloaded with the ZS6BKW antenna, but I managed to receive them good.

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SAQ transmission of 9:00 UTC on July 3, 2011

Just received the full tranmission of the Swedish VLF transmitter SAQ on 17,2 kHz. The setup this time was my home computer with a soundcard. The antenna was a ZS6BKW connected to the soundcard.
A software receiver was used : Speclab from DL4YHF and the audio was transferred with a Virtual Audio cable to FLdigi.
I think that FLdigi decoded about 20% correct, but never mind, it was the challenge that counts.

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