Current projects that needs attention

Like many amateurs I have more than one project that needs attention. Here’s a list what is keeping me busy :

  • Cantenna for 23cm
  • Short 40m inverted V dipole
  • BITX20 tranceiver kit
  • 23cm ATV biquad antenna
  • Antenna switch box 1×6
  • Pic programming for the BITX20
  • Make cables for a small LCD panel

The cantenna needs to be tested and cut for best SWR. But before that I have to make the cables for the small LCD panel. The panel is the second screen from a portable DVD player. If that is not in use by the children I can use it for viewing ATV.

I made two coils for the 40m dipole, but the values are just 14,9 µH so the overall antenne length will be 12m. Bought a PCV pipe with a bigger diameter and try to rewind the coils. Need also a sat mount for the feedpoint of the inverted V dipole antenna.

The bitx20 is almoust ready. Some components were missing in the kit. Pick them up in a few days. Todo : wind the coils and transformers. Never done that before. House it and finally test it.

The ATV biquad is almost ready, need a N connector with semirigid coax to complete. Have to make a post of this project someday.

The switchbox idea has to be analysed. The goal is to run just one coax to the roof for HF only. The plans are to feed :

  • a HF vertical
  • a short inverted V for 40m
  • a short inverted v for 80m
  • a magnetic loop
  • spare
  • spare

Can someone lend me some spare time 🙂