First test with RTL-SDR v3 stick

Ordered this stick on december 28th ont he RTL-SDR website and it arrived yesterday. This is my 4th dongle 🙂

I bought earlier a very cheap DVB-T dongle (black) that is now in use for ADS-B reception, connected to my old RPI 2B.
Then I bought a slightly better one with the R820T chip (blue) at NooElec, this was my main sdr allround receiver. Now in test at receiving radiosondes.
Some time ago I was given my 3th dongle : the Funcube dongle pro (S/N 0003742). I’m not impressed of this one. Seems a bit deaf. And just 96 kHz bandwidth.

So, the new v3 stick. Bought it from
Hooked it up to my ZS6BKW antenna to test the HF reception in Direct Sampling (Q-branch). Seems promising already.


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