SAQ Grimeton reception in 2005

I missed the transmission on 8:15 and 9:15 from SAQ. My parents asked us to come over for dinner, so I packed everything with me to receive the station there. I build a small loop a while ago and wanted to see how it is working. The frame of this antenna is about 40 cm diameter and number of turns is unknown to me. It was a leftover that I had lying around, I guess 80 to 100 turns…
VLF-SAQ-grimeton-2005Two alligator clips connects the antenna via a short length of wire to the microphone input of my laptop. I used Spectrumlab to do the actual receiving, saving the audio input to a wave file so I could examin it later at home. I also created a mp3 file of the recorded transmission, you can listen to it or save it (Right Click on the file). MP3 of SAQ on sunday july 3rd, 12:15 UTC (1,1 MB)

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    1. Thanks, mark Subday June 28 2009 in your agenda. That day is the next transmission.

  1. Wonderful, just wonderful. I love long wave transmissions with “proper” CW. It’s so kind and soft to the ear and it is very soothing to listen to. I can’t get enough of it really.

    Thank you so much for putting it up.

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