Month: December 2008

Bought myself a Christmas gift : a new Diamond W735 40/80m wire antenna

Last sunday I attended a hamfest in Bladel, The Netherlands, organised by PI4KAR.  From my qth it is a one hour drive to one of the niciest and last hamfests of the year. I had no special needs to look out for but after a while I stumbled on a Diamond W735 antenna. The W 735 is a 2-band loaded dipole for 80 and 40m. Overall length reduced from normal dipole dimensions by use of loading coils rather than traps. Overall length is 26m, fits just on the roof.

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SAQ will be aired again on Christmas Eve

On wednesday the 24th of december 2008 the vlf transmitter SAQ will be aired again. Not really in the evening, although it depends where in the world you live.
Transmission is planned at 08.00 UTC and 08.30 UTC.  The frequency is 17.2 kHz CW. Running up an tuning of the transmitter begins about 07.30 UTC.

And for 2009 :
The Alexanderson Day 2009 with transmission is planned to Sunday 28th June.

Sadly I have to work that morning, but nevertheless I find it a nice Christmas gift 🙂

Merry Christmas to all !!

My WSPR signal reached Australia

ON3JT_WSPRTonight I used WSPR again to see the activity on 30m. Now I received about 7 stations from the USA, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, UK and the Czech republic. After a few hours I ticked the 20% T/R option. This switches the transceiver on for 20% of the time and the remaining 80% listening.

And yes, my signal gets out. Using only 2 watts my signal is picked up by VK6KHD, Nigel in Australia. My first.
That is about 14190 km or 7095 km per watt or very very far from my qth 🙂

My first 30m WSPR experiments with a strange call showing up

Last saturday night my computer has been running all night long the WSPR (whisper) software from ….. to see if I could receive that mode too. My wife had the night shift in the hospital and could not argue that the computer is making too much noise in the bedroom 🙂 That is the downside of having the shack in the bedroom.
I set the receiver to 10.138.7 in the 30m band and went to bed.

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