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A new receiver for me : SDR Ensemble RX II

Having built two monoband SDR kits, it was time for something new. The Softrock Lite II receiver kits are working fine, but I wanted something that covers more. The two monoband kits are made for 30m and 40m.With my soundcard that samples at 96 kHz I can see/hear the whole 30m band, on 40m however I can only receive the lower part of the band.
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Designing and building a Manned Beacon or MEPT, part 1 of many

I came acros the site of IK0VVE with a wonderfull description of a MEPT.
MEPT stands for Manned Experimental Propagation Transmitter and is usually very low power. He uses a crystal oscilator but I find them pretty expensive. So I Looked around the net for programmable oscillators. Those are even more expensive and in the most cases you need a microcontroller to programm them. The oscillators uses I²C for setting the frequency by setting the divider and table lookups, …..

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My first qso into the USA using psk31 on 20m

It has been a while that I posted something on my blog here. Don’t panic, I’ll try to do it more frequent.
I’ve been busy with all kind non-ham related things.

But yesterday I managed to find a free moment and put the transceiver on the 20m psk band. Around 20:40 UTC I noticed a qso that needed more attention.
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