A new receiver for me : SDR Ensemble RX II

Having built two monoband SDR kits, it was time for something new. The Softrock Lite II receiver kits are working fine, but I wanted something that covers more. The two monoband kits are made for 30m and 40m.With my soundcard that samples at 96 kHz I can see/hear the whole 30m band, on 40m however I can only receive the lower part of the band.

After close monitoring (see Links at the bottom of this article) the site of KB9YIG I finally managed to order the RX Ensemble II kit. This is a shortwave receiver with the Si570 acting as a local oscillator. I placed an order and on december 9th I received a mail from Tony writing that my kit has been mailed.

Today (December 16th) the first bag arrived. It contains the circuit board and some components. Where is the rest I wondered. More detailed reading on the site from WB5RVZ learned me that the whole  kit is mailed in two seperate bags.

Waiting for the other mailing to arrive…

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