Hooray, no spam in here

It started yesterday. A small mail arrives from my blog with a comment to moderate.  Oh nice a comment, let’s read it :


Not what I was expecting, so deleted it.
This morning, 5 mails to moderate some comments. What do you think ?
All spam from some spambot.  Time to prepare my blog for future spam attacks.
So I’m now testing out a new plugin. Hope this helps.

Putting the multiband HF antenna back in it’s original position

My homebrew HF multiband antenna tipped over during a storm in december 2007. Not a real surprise because the mount was too small to handle the antenna, despite the weight of 8 concrete tiles. I remember that during that evening I was listening to some PSK31 signals on 20m and suddenly they disappeared. A quick SWR check learned me that the antenna was no longer in a vertical position.

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