From left to right :

  1. The kit has just arrived.
  2. The PCB, nice and clean job.
  3. What I did in january.
  4. Where I stopped in march.


More to come.

4 Replies to “BITX20 status”

  • Looks like a nice neat kit. I have heard a lot about this transceiver from the soldersmoke web site.

    Have you managed to finish it yet and try it on the air?


  • It is not finished yet. Have to wind the VFO coil (50 turns on such a small core) do the bi- and trifilar windings, acquire material for assembling the heatsinks to the pa, …..
    The kit is waiting in a empty ice cream box om my desk, I see it everyday and almost everyday I say to myself that I have to finish it 🙂


  • Looks good so far. I built one last year and really enjoy getting on the air with it, as I’m sure you will too. I built mine and put it into an old CB enclosure, it can be seen at I highly recommend using some kind of frequency display with it. Hendricks has a neat one called the Digital Display, which is simple but made almost entirely of surface mount parts.

    • I think that I have seen your enclosure via the Yahoo-group. I’m planning to build me a frequency counter with a small 1×16 character display and a PIC.
      But last months I made no progress. Have to wind the trifilar transformator and the finals…

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