A new receiver for me : SDR Ensemble RX II

Having built two monoband SDR kits, it was time for something new. The Softrock Lite II receiver kits are working fine, but I wanted something that covers more. The two monoband kits are made for 30m and 40m.With my soundcard that samples at 96 kHz I can see/hear the whole 30m band, on 40m however I can only receive the lower part of the band.
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Upgraded my blog

Finally upgraded my blog. Despite my presumption I did the upgrade with the automatic option of WordPress itself. And it failed miserably…..
I had no blog anymore and a 500 server error when I tried to access the admin pages. Uploaded some of the old files in an attempt to regain control. No progress..

Cleaned everything on the server and started all over with a manual install. Got it working this time.

Now updating all plugins and uploaded documents like pictures en pdf files….

I’ve been hacked by Ghost61

Received yesterday an email from the hosting company :

Dear Customer,

This afternoon we discovered some hacked customer sites. Since then we have been looking for the reason of the issue and are logging all affected sites.  We expect to restore all original sites around 22h. We continue to investigate the cause and we will also take further action.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

But I was busy experimenting with ubuntu server on another machine, so I read the mail this morning. Surfed to my sites and yes, me too.


What this guy or group did was pretty harmless : they replaced all index.php or index.html files by a custom index file. And not only my site was defaced as they called it, probably the whole server has been done. Luckely I have backups, I just have to replace all index files, sounds easy, but how many index files do you think you have ?
Lots of them 🙂
This blog contains about 13 index files. That is manual labor at the moment. And sometimes I install a plugin and don’t keep a copy offline. Lesson learned. Have to figure out how to sync an offline copy.