SPF records part 2, problem solved at UBA.be

I missed mails from our national organisation without really knowing it. I have an mailalias at UBA.be that forwards to my @ON4AOB.be address. But apparantly it bounces. I was already made aware of this last summer, but everyone thaught it was my problem. Recently I missed again a mail (appeal for candidates for upcoming elections) and started to spend some time investigating.

Lets see what the SPF record at UBA.be looks like :

v=spf1 a:lotus.aricebo.net ~all
v=spf1 mx a: a: -all

Ok, two lines. That is the main reason why it fails. Never create two SPF records this way.

Next : lotus.aricebo.net holds the ip, so technically you have the A record and the IP address in the same SPF. Could be simplier.
About the hardfail one can discuss, I’d rather choose for softfail. It arrives in your mailbox in the SPAM folder. Better than nothing I guess.

I suggested this :

v=spf1 mx ip4: ip4: a:lotus.aricebo.net -all

You could ditch ip4: as the A record is present.

Checked this morning :

v=spf1 mx a: a: -all

Time will tell if I miss mails sent to my @UBA.BE address (to be sure I changed the destination in it :-))