Tiny webcam from broken laptop

I found a laptop, smashed to the ground, last friday evening on my way home. Despite being clearly broken, I took it with me. First because I don’t like litter and second I can probably harvest some things like the screen or harddrive.

Saturday morning inspected the remains of it. LCD broken on several places, battery is from 2011, harddisk had a headcrash after testing. Not much that can be reused. I rememberd this YouTube video of DIY Perks where he pulled out the webcam modules from the screen for his cheap CCTV system (they use a usb connection internally). This got me thinking.

The module was found intact for what I could make of it. Removed it and now began the task of finding out which wire is +5V, GND, data+ and data-.
GND was fairly easy, data lines eventually also, because the wires had the same color as my stripped USB cable. Only +5V left and one wire available.

Windows 10 recognises the camera as HP Universal Camera but I couldn’t get it to work with any app. Tried it on my Windows 7 machine. This works and tested it with Yawcam.
I now have a working camera module, next test will be on my Raspberry Pi. Let try to use that as a cheap CCTV capturing device.

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