The bandplan on 40m

This morning I saw T77NC in PSK31 on my screen. Dial frequency 7.035. I like to try to work him. Gathering all details like, name, location, qth locator and so on from his qso’s with others I suddenly heard a very strong cw signal just 400 Hz away. And very strong, so bye bye T77NC. A bit upset and thinking that bandplans have a reason I went searching around if the cw portion was expanded.

And yes it did. Okay, the cw signal was correct and the psk signal not. I learned that the bandplan was effective from March 2009. How I missed that? Apparantly there was a big miscommunication or no communication at all according some blogs like the one from G4ILO (read it here).

 The correct bandplan for 40m can be found on the RSGB website :

So 90% of the community transmits on the wrong segment of the bandplan.
Beware, I’m not saying that a band plan is the law to follow, but some structure can help us.